Entebbe Annual Corporate Sports Gala announce partnership with Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities Cooperation

Entebbe Annual Corporate Sports Gala (EACSG) has announced its partnership with Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities Cooperation (LVRLAC) Uganda Chapter; in promoting community participation in the Lake Victoria Basin environmental conservation, given that sport is a uniting recipe for the community both corporate and local aspect.

His Worship the Mayor of Entebbe Municipality, also the regional chairman of LVRLAC (Chairman LVRLAC Uganda Chapter) Vincent Kayanja De Paul graced the partnership signing at Bugonga Catholic Church on Wednesday, 12th August 2020.

Kayanja noted that the community, major beneficiary has had its members play a big role in polluting and degrading the rivers and lakes and its basin.

“These destructive acts range from tree cutting, poor methods of farming along the shorelines, pollution from industries among other activities. In the recent research, some of the community members are not aware that they are directly or indirectly responsible for the degradation of the lake being that it’s a big body of water a big percentage does have a mixed attitude towards politicians and fear for the technocrats. However, these can easily be reached through areas of their interest like sports so that we work hand in hand to avert the fast brewing catastrophe” Mayor Kayanja disclosed.

 Ronald Onzima, the C.E.O (EACSG) has said that the authorities have gone a long way in promulgating good laws to regulate the usage of the said resources. However, there has been a lack in translation of the laws to the local communities who may not understand them as they are, let alone efforts to reach out to educate the grass root people where the actual problem emanates.

 “It is therefore vividly evident that the technocrats and authorities both local and national have had a weakness in communication and we look forward to juggling it out” Ronald explained.

Benjamin Ochan

Benjamin Ochan, the Corprate brand ambassador and Uganda Cranes goalkeeper playing at Kenya’s AFC Leopards  also supplemented to the useful partnership that will kick off in Entebbe Municipality through an awareness and outreach program.

“This partnership, being a launch, will only include the local council teams and corporate organizations situated in Entebbe.  The purpose is to initiate the yet to be regional awareness tournament in Entebbe. However, in the proceeding years, the event shall expand to all of Uganda and later the E. African countries. the main purpose for taking the tournament to and from the districts, is to greatly involve the local communities with in them.This shall give a deep and wider platform for the gospel of protection, preservation conservation, maintenance and sustainable use and development of the Lake.” Ochan noted.

Goal: To use sports as a media to ensure that the Lake Victoria shores, wetlands and river banks are protected, conserved, restored and sustainably used by the stakeholders

For this reason, Entebbe Annual Corporate Sports Gala proposes to partner with LVRLAC to conduct an annual sports events in the Lake Victoria basin, piloting it in Entebbe Uganda specifically.

We propose to use the event working with stakeholders to sensitize communities about the need to protect and conserve the lake. We propose to first start with football, netball, volleyball and boat rowing as a pilot working hand in hand with the Uganda Chapter Secretariat as a pilot.


To engage the corporate fraternity through Corporate Social Responsibility as well as the local communities in the Lake Conservation and protection programs and activities.

 To use EACSG working hand in hand with LVRLAC as a channel to promote sports tournaments themed on Lake Victoria Basin protection and conservation

To establish a position of Lake Victoria Sports Tournament ambassador, who will promote the sustainable utilization of Lake Victoria Basin resources through community based activities.

To develop sustainable projects that will not only employ youth but also avert the rapid degradation of the Lake Victoria Basin.

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