Entebbe airport reopening: CAA releases flight schedules

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority has released a schedule for all flights set to commence as Entebbe International Airport reopens.

The airport has since March 23rd been locked down as part of the Presidential directives to cub the global Covid 19 pandemic.

However, the Ugandan Covid 19 task force recommend that the airport and schools be reopened on October 1st after a set of Standard Operating Procedures are put in place.

Some of the procedures included ensuring that those set to leave the country are virus free while those entering the country need to be checked if they have the virus.

Now, in a letter to all airline operators on Tuesday evening, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Manager for Airports and Aviation Security Eng Ayub Sooma said, the first phase of passenger flights time table that would take three months will take effect on October 1st.

Airline Companies KLM, Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways are among the first phase of aircrafts that will touch base on the Entebbe airport run away.

The reopening of the airport has had a long wait with several Ugandans and legal residents, home and abroad crying out for repatriation as they return or leave the country.


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