Emergence of International Traders in Fish Bi Products Trade Angers Locals

By George William Kakooza

The emergence of International Fish bi products traders has angered several locals dealing in fish mow and fish fillet trade.

The Local traders revealed on Saturday at Busega, a Kampala suburb that the introduction of international traders in the trade has led to an increase in prices fishermen sale fish mow and fillet leaving the Ugandan bi product exporters vulnerable.

Leaders of fish handling and processing companies such as Tampa, Green Fields, Lake perch all located in the areas of Entebbe say, traders from countries such as India and Congo has already exposed fishermen to better prices and the local traders can no longer carryout business.

Fish Bi products include fish mow, the gutted bladder of the Nile Perch and Cat fish. It is said to be used in the medical industry as medicine as well as a food nutritious supplement. The largest market of Fish Mow is in Russia.

A trader organizing Nile Perch on a Van recently PHOTO By GSA

Ramathan Kirumira, the chairperson of Busega Fish Dealers says, the increasing entrance of the international traders in the locals denies Ugandan businessmen to a chance to make money since the international traders offer higher prices.

The International Traders are also the market where local traders sell the fish bi products trade.

“Prices fluctuating daily at the different fish factories clearly indicate that the local traders dealing in Fish Bi Products, like Kakasi fillets will be kicked out of the Business for the Congolese and Indian new traders,” Kirumira says.

He also argues Government to immediately protect the local traders to ensure that they also maximize profits by barring the international traders from engaging with the fishermen.

Godfrey Kakeeto, a Fish Mow trader presenting a petition in Kampala recently PHOTO BY GSA

Godfrey Kakeeto another fish bi products trader says, there is need for the local traders and fishermen at the different landing sites to ensure that there is harmony and agreed prices in the trade to ensure that they all make profits.

Fish mow and Bi products trade has been slowly growing in the country with more than 3 million tons of fish bi products being sold to China, Russia and other Asian countries. A kilogram of Fish Mow one of the bi products of fish goes for USD 300 on the local market.

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