Edwin Peter Sewankambo: the life coach set to transform your life

Edwin is the chief executive officer and founder of the Transformers Hub http://transformershub.org based in Uganda and Massachusetts in the United States of America that solely relies on providing life skills and self discovery tips to persons across all age groups.

The Transformers Hub has a mission to timelessly foster change beyond borders and they are using social media to offer free transformational skills to the global community as they discuss different themes every other week and the community is bound to grow.

Edwin Peter has been a keynote speaker at several events and has ministered to large audiences with his great skill of  public speaking, mentoring and nurturing people.

Edwin Peter Ssewankambo: Living one’s seeded assignment or purpose is a premeditated game changer to living an epic life. Having transited from a skirmish and grappling life through a resilient spirit of faith to a renowned speaker and an agent of transformation is been humbled to witness numerous lives have a massive turn around into living a life that is beyond just survival.

While growing up, Edwin faced challenges like any other human and faced bullies from time to time to school but found solace and proper tools within Jesus Christ, he has since found purpose.

The programs at the Hub include:http://transformershub.org/programs.html

The School Assembly Program: it entirely focuses on youngsters, from dealing with puberty, choices and career choices.

The Leadership Program: the program is set to equip leaders with the right skill set to deliver and serve with honor and deligence.

The Professional Development Program: it deals with work politics and enhancing of professional skills, it has over time proved to be a great tool for Companies and business people.

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