Easy-peasy Wins for the NRM as Opposition Crowds elective slots

The number of opposition candidates vying for different positions seems to be a key factor in awarding the National Resistance Movement(NRM) multiple wins at different levels of elective positions in the land.

The Ugandan opposition has failed to find a unified stand to field single candidate for each position be it for the Presidency or Local government slots.

The various political parties in Uganda are tirelessly parading candidates for every available slot, with the latest being National Unity Platform(NUP)throwing Naggayi Ssempala against reigning Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and NUP reject and musician Joseph Mayanja switching to Muntu’s Alliance for National Transformation(ANT) for the same slot.

Across different positions, all opposition parties that seemingly present the same agenda have failed to strategically form a coalition to go against the ruling party, but are punching fellow opposition in a manner of “either win or spoil,” shrinking their chances of winning against the NRM.

For instance, in the highly contested Local Council 3 Chairperson election in Katabi Town Council, 7 candidates have shown interest and were duly nominated.

The feud surprisingly lies between Democratic Party’s Robert Mukasa and Ronald Kalema, with the latter crossing to the newly formed NUP, and NRM’s Tom Byarugaba may end up benefiting from the ruins of the two, if he is able to convince the NRM faithful to vote for him in the 2021 polls.

Similar opposition woes exist in Busiro South for the Legislator slot, with Stephen Ssekigozi making a return on the NUP ticket after a 4 year slumber, meeting DP’s new boy Simon Peter Kiweesi, City businessman Paul Owor, Matovu Charles, John Paul Muyanda, Ndaula Paddy and a host of others all going against Simon Peter Sematimba.

This is not a new dimension of the Ugandan Opposition, for several years they have failed to have a single party thus slackening their changes of getting the majority share at different levels, due to the fact that the electorate is split between different opposition candidates.

The idea of DP block crossing to NUP has been a center piece for criticism by DP president general Nobert Mao, and sparked a similar trend from other parties to refrain from any sort of coalitions.

Owing to the history of party coalitions that failed give results in Uganda; include a very infamous one between Mao’s DP and Amama Mbabazi’s IPC at the Presidential level against FDC’s Kizza Besigye in 2016, which flanked terribly.

The NRM may capitalize on this to retain and also acquire new positions in 2021, since the opposition seems to be ganging against them selves. But may also suffer some shortcomings if the losers of their primaries are not reconciled earlier and end up on the ballot paper.

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