Dr Atwine was my fraud accomplice – Kalangala DHO

Kalangala District Health Officer Dr Hillary Bitakalamire has accused the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health Dr Diana Atwine for being an accomplice in the embezzlement of more than Ugx 16 billion funds donated to Kalangala District to help Hiv patients.

Entebbe Post recently broke the news of how the Ugx 16 billion had been embezzled in the fraud scandal that involved most of the health department workers and those at the highest enclones of the district.

Audio recordings and Whats App screenshots Entebbe Post obtained indicate how the DHO rubber stamped on how he would hide behind the Permanent Secretary to wash away all corruption scandals.

“Leave them to write. They will find stumbling blocks and, when i start speaking to her (Atwine), all will turn around for them,” Bitakalamire says in one of the audio recordings Entebbe Post has obtained.

The fraud scandal follows a more than 8 year funding of Kalangala Comprehensive Public Health Services Project and Kalangala Home Based VCT program by the US agency, Center for Diseases Control meant to cub the spread of HIV amongst the vulnerable people in the Ssese Islands.

An investigation done by Entebbe Post indicated that the DHO and his accomplices withdrew colossal sums of money, up to Ugx 33 millions per person for personal use.

Other involved stakeholders include former Chief Administrative Officers Gabriel Atama, Essau Ekachalen and Chief Finance Officer Jingo Kasule, among others.

When contacted, the senior public relations officer of the Ministry of Health Emmanuel Ainebyona denied knowledge of the occurrences.

“Civil servants do not engage in such graft. The Permanent Secretary has a clear record that involves no scandals. The DHO should carry his cross and be answerable.” He says


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