Dr Aceng: Uganda’s Woman of the Year – Ian Ortega

I must say if there is going to be Uganda’s woman of the year, it shall have to be this lady, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng. It’s been long since we last had someone we could confidently call a Minister, above of all, a Minister of Health. For the first time in many years, I can trust the official statement of a government. She has led from the front-line.

I remember during the vaccination moments, again, she took her own daughter. For the first time, you have a Minister who is clearly having her country first. I am not surprised she is a Nabisunsa product, but also from Lira. If we are looking for a super woman, this is it.

Jane Ruth Aceng

At times I feel like she is over-working. Time and again, she’s made sure the categories are being updated. I could see how USA and UK moved from category 2 into 1. She has taken stern measures.

Above all, she is humble. She is not out to seek any popularity. Perhaps because she has seen it all. If at 51 years, your profile reads MBChB, MMed, MPH, Dip.PAM, then surely you can work anywhere.

Jane Ruth Aceng

But she is making her contribution to this country.I should not be praising her because that too may earn her enemies in this government. When you are praised by the people, then you become the next target.

So allow me, on behalf of myself, on behalf of my family, friends and drinkmates to say; Thank you Dr. Aceng. It is the least we can do for now.When I fix time, we shall interview you on Great Ugandans. By the way, she also has natural hair.


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