Discharged Covid19 patient opens lid on her road to recovery

In order to protect our respondent and her dear ones’ privacy, we shall conceal her identity throughout this story.

Today the Ministry of Health has flagged off more four patients that beat Corona Virus today at Entebbe Referral Hospital back to their communities.

A mother of four has talked to Entebbe Post about her journey through the hands of the Nobel Corona Virus from infection to recovery.

A resident of Mbale, married woman and mother of four with roots in Rwanda. She deals in Dairy products in Mbale

She had traveled to Rwanda to visit her relatives earlier last month, and she doesn’t recall how she contracted the virus. She recalls that she used a Jaguar bus, a bodaboda and a Matatu back to her home en route.

She attended a burial upon her return prior to the lockdown. It was at this burial that the local folk tipped the authorities after ascertaining that she had traveled to Entebbe.

The village was enraged upon learning and denied her from accessing the funeral and we’re planning to burn her house down.

However the Ministry of Health operatives were quick to get to her and police helped no-one off her home and took her to an institutional Quarantine centre and later moved to Entebbe General Hospital.

“I don’t believe that people are dying elsewhere, the situation has been well handled by the doctors here. But I can’t forget the hostility of my neighbours after I was suspected…….But I forgive them and hope they will receive me well.” She says

The ex-patient further commends the expertise and attention from the medical team. And she believes Uganda can overcome this threat. She also hopes that life will go on well after but shares concerns with how she will be able to sustain her family since her Milk business can not operate for now.

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