Dilapidated Kalangala main road fail island trade, tourism

The Dilapidated and sorry state of Kalangala’s main road and the ferry yard is failing tourism and trade in the Kalangala island District.

The 66 kilo meter main road supposed to be repaired by the Uganda National Roads Authority is currently in a sorry state after going six years without major repairs.

The road supplements the already dilapidated ferry yard at Bukakata which was washed away by the increasing water levels in Lake Victoria.

Currently, travelers to and from the island district endure severe breakdowns of their vehicles as they in quest for trade and tourism.

William Kizito a trader who moves with merchandise on a lorry to the island district says, the poor state of the main road and the dilapidated ferry yard in Bukakata have also preempted an increase in the cost of goods as part of effort to recover losses made when vehicles break down in the area.

“It also takes long for us to get there. So we reduce on the number of times we sell and increase on the cost of the goods to and from the island district,” He says.

Currently, a 50 kilo gram bag of sugar which costed less than Ugx 130,000 has been increased to Ugx 170,000 to cater for such discrepancies.  Other goods have also been hiked.

Willy Lugoloobi the Kalangala District Chairperson says, despite several pleadings with the Uganda National Roads Authority, there hasn’t been efforts to repair and revamp the yard at the Port Bukakata, neither has there been an effort to repair the Kalangala main road.

“It seems it is a ploy to have all our services jeopardized. We pray that government, after a while of not listening begins to understand the plight of our people.” He says.

His cries remain similar to those of Rogers Munaawa, the chairperson of the Ssese Islands Tourism Development Association who says, the industry which is the main driver of Kalangala’s locally generated revenue has lost up to 30% of its earning due to the poor road.

“Our tour guides can no longer take tourists to the different destinations due to the bad state of the roads yet each tourist pays not less than Ugx 240,000 for a round tour of Bugala island,” he says.

The leaders now want any stakeholder who can engage government into repairing and upgrading the main road to do so to ensure that services are delivered.

The Uganda National Roads Authority and the Ministry of works Public relation officers asked for more time before the address the issue.


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