Defender Artem Baranowskiy on his gradual progress after signing deal at FC Qzyaljar SK in Kazahstan

Ukraine defender Artem Baranowskiy completed the transfer from FK Bukhara in Uzbekistan to FC Qyzyljar SK in Kazahstan.

The hardworking defender has since shared his utmost love for Sepuya Inc Agency, a key partner in his life journey, his expectations at Qyzyljar SK and how he kept his body and mind in shape despite the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ukraine defender Artem Baranowskiy

Congratulations Artem Baranowskiy for the new deal in Kazakhstan. What are your expectation at this great club?

Artem Baranwskiy: Thank you so much I am very excited back to Kazakhstan and this team it’s new step on my career. Professional football is a big challenge every-time. I want to be better and improve my level.

From where you have come from, how important has the Sepuya Inc Agency been helpful and in particular Eugene Sepuya?

Artem Baranwskiy:  Eugene Sepuya helped me a lot on this. He showed me my strong skills and weakness. His program very hard but very smart. In general work with Eugene gave me benefits and I want to realize this in game. His strategy is very different from agents I had in my career he is for player coming first and everything follows there is family working environment, commutation is almost on every day basis.

Director of Sepuya Inc Agency, Andrew Eugene Sepuya

How did you prepare your body physically and mentally for the challenges in your midst?

Artem Baranwskiy: Individually, we worked on strength, speed, explosion, reaction change direction and moments in the game. Mental and physical strength is more important and Eugene paid a lot  attention on this. Big difference he is very involved in everything day to day of the player which other agents do not do. He is very demanding  with training to limit as he prepares you mentally of course because he wants  the best image for the player and the agency

Artem Baranowskiy in work-outs

What is the dream goal and target at your new club?

Artem Baranwskiy:  The aim is to play very well in every match I turn out in. Give 100 percent in all the matches that I play in, work together with the teammates as we achieve to win big things.

Going forward, you have already played for the Ukraine U-21 and 23 teams. Is this envisaged as a perfect stepping stone to playing for the senior national team?

Artem Baranwskiy:  The dream is to be a better play day after day and definitely get considered for the senior national team of Ukraine.

Ukraine defender Artem Baranowskiy in personal training sessions

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