David Ssejusa: legislator who attacked him in 1994 Happy with his current status

Noeline Namugenyi, a former member of Parliament representing Kalangala District in the National Resistance Council is happy Gen David Ssejusa Formerly Tinyefunza is quiet, deaf and dumb of the current occurances in Uganda.

Namugenyi represented Kalangala in 1994, during the formulation of the 1996 Constitution.

Namugenyi is remembered for having attacked Gen David Ssejusa during the Constitution formulation after the later had beaten, harrased and man handled former Minister Daniel Omara Atubo, David Okeny and Andrew Adimola, all former opposition stalwarts in Northern Uganda.

Ssejusa is said to have inhumanely handled the elders in Northern Uganda during the LRA war. The former spy chief abused the Acholis leaders rights during the war while they pursued peace for Northern Uganda.

Ssejusa, at that time was a commandant of the Military forces in the region at that time ass LRA’s Joseph Kony ochestrated crimes against humanity in the area.

Now, after a long time battling with cancer in Kisubi Hospital, Noeline Namugenyi told media practitioners in Kalangala that well as the country is in an election season, she is happy that the Army General has no impact and that holds no office in this country.

“I am sure that, Ssejusa is the right description of the saying ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ and I believe, with him leaving all security offices, this country can recollect self for a better future,” she says.

Ssejusa formerly worked as the coordinator of all intelligence organizations in the country. He is also a member of the high command.

The General however fell out with the President after Authoring a missive about the Muhoozi Project which featured in the Daily Monitor in 2013. Ssejusa later ran to exile in the United Kingdom.

Namugenyi says, there is need to remind all the current security operators in this country that there will be a time when they are not darlings and thus need to act in a manner that respects the vast majority of the Ugandan dwellers.

The country has since the beginning of the election year been wondering where Ssejusa is living, with neither a comment after he returned from exile more than 4 years ago.

Upon return from the United Kingdom, Gen David Ssejusa met with President Yoweri Museveni and has severally been taken into custody for statements made on the media.


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