David Musiri considers independent candidature after Ssewanyana, NUP fail to meet financial promises

Former Makerere University guild Presidency aspirant David Musiri is considering contesting as an independent candidate in Makindye West constituency after failure by NUP flag bearer Allan Ssewanyana and Secretariat operatives failing to meet financial obligations that saw Ssewanyana handled NUP flag for the constituency.

Ssewanyana was handled flag for Makindye West after rigorous negotiations between candidates and Secretariat that saw Musiri trading colleague and long time friend Roy Ssembogga on party transparency.

Musiri had been promised a refund of all resources including money used while campaigning to attain the party flag.

He was also asked to condemn Roy Ssembogga for considering independent candidacy when he decided to contest in Kawempe South. The Secretariat also promised that Musiri would succeed Ssembogga as the head of Institutions in the Party luring him into a condemnation that saw the National Unity Platform in a Leadership Dilemma.

Now, two weeks after the leadership refused to refund his costs of campaigns, Musiri decided to reconsider his bid for MP contest shooting his own foot.

He was however condemned for the decision since he also blamed Ssembogga for Contesting as an independent.


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