Dancesport game introduced in Uganda

Dancesport is a new game that has been introduced in Uganda.

It is competitive ballroom dancing with events regulated by specific organizations at national and international level, such as the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF).

Dancesport has barely dance, gymnastics, rhythmical Latin America dances (Samba) and harmonic Standard Dances.

It is internationally recognized under world Dancesport federation with the main head offices in Lausanne city, Switzerland.

Dancesport event

Uganda is the 7th African country to join the bandwagon of countries already engaged in this sport on the continent.

Currently, Uganda has a provisional status and will only be approved as a full member in the up-coming WDSF Assembly planned to take place in October 2020 in Monaco, France.

Dance sport was recently recruited as a medal game at International Olympic committee (IOC).

Internationally, there are several dance forms as Samba (Latin), Chacha – Rhumba & mambo, Paso Doble, Jivie, Quick step, Foxtrots and Viennes waltz, Tango, among others.

A world dancesport federation competition

In Uganda:

DanceSport is governed by the Uganda DanceSport Federation (UDSF).

UDSF is still fulfilling the required necessities with the National Council of Sports (NCS) and will soon be a fully operational sports  federation in Uganda.

The office space is allocated at the National Council of Sports in Lugogo, opposite the Hockey pitch but waiting the renovations to start up.

Since Uganda has many dance groups dancers will be regulated and events managers will follow under this preparation.

The federation is therefore calling members to join them under deferent sectors of dancing groups.

“This will help the federation organize its calendar to accommodate them and organize national team players to represent Uganda in international Grandslum competition as well as Olympics which was extended next year (2021) in Tokyo Japan.” Barnabas Ssebuyungo, general secretary, Uganda DanceSport Federation (UDSF).

Interim Executive:

Uganda DanceSport Federation has already put in place structures as required by NCS elected an interim executive committee.

The president is Hajat  Sharifa Sanyu (also an Executive member of Uganda Olympic Committee), Barnabas Ssebuyungo (General Secretary), Rita Tinka (Vice Finance),  Anthony Mwanda (Vice, Development), Gerald Kabanda (Vice, Sport).

The federation custodians are; Herbert Byankya (Lawyer), Shaka Mayanja, Oscar Kahika  and Gordon Kayovu.

Uganda DanceSport Federation (Interim Executive Committee):

·       President: Hajat Sharifa Sanyu

·       General Secretary: Barnabas Ssebuyungo

·       Vice in charge of Finance: Rita Tinka

·       Vice in charge of development:  Anthony Mwanda

·       Vice in charge of sport: Gerald Kabanda

·       Federation Custodians: Herbert Byankya (Lawyer), Shaka Mayanja, Oscar Kahika 

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