Covid19:Fabrice Rulinda donates 500litres of fuel

By Harriet Asingura

Businessman cum Politician Fabrice Rulinda has identified the need in his area of Entebbe hence donating 500 litres of fuel and other relief items including sugar, milk, rice and maize flour to the Covid-19 task force.

The fuel is meant to enable ambulances that the sub-district received earlier this week to transport patients especially mothers in labor and the critically ill that have been unable to access proper Medicare during the lock-down.

Mr Rulinda hands over Milk to RDC Hajji Noor Njuki Mbabali

The food items are to feed the quarantined people held at Entebbe referral hospital and other holding facilities. Mr. Rulinda believes, it’s the responsibility of every Ugandan to support the quarantined and people that have contracted the Covid19 pandemic.

Mr Rulinda hands over fuel vouchers to the Entebbe Covid-19 Task Force

“The reason as to why I came up with this solution, RDC said ambulances are lacking fuel to use in transporting ill people, so I decided to denote 500 litres of fuel to Entebbe task-force.

Noah Njuki Mbabali RDC of Entebbe municipality appreciated Rulinda for the donation of fuel which will help to transport ill people to the hospital. Doctor David Magoba who received food items, encouraged all people to come up and support the quarantined people with all possible support.

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