COVID-19:Bodaboda Cyclist Recovers; Maama Fiina to his Rescue

By Lawrence Mushabe

Musa Miiro, a bodaboda cyclist in Entebbe is among the recovered COVID-19 patients who were recently discharged from Entebbe General Hospital.

Having returned home, Miiro continues to live in fear and anxious of the local people who stigmatize him but fortunately his sorrows have turned in to happiness after receiving a donation of 2 million in cash from Sophia Namutebi commonly known as Mama Fiina.

The bodaboda cyclist narrates how he felt conscious about the attack of the virus before he was hospitalized, “I was already experiencing some of the signs and symptoms of the corona virus” Miiro adds that when he started feeling weak, excessive diarrhea and sore throat. He was later checked in at Kisubi Hospital where they ran several tests but all came out negative.

Later, Miiro received a phone call from the Ministry of Health with the confirmatory results that had tested positive of the COVID-19 Thus 1st April referring him to Entebbe General Hospital where he has been receiving treatment from, however he says the health workers have done a tremendous job in making him recover.

Miiro explains that he was given new clothing and beddings, however he says  a couple of medication was emphasized but basically was taking of  juicy lemon ,garlic and Oranges  that has helped him with other kind of drugs that he cannot explain.

Musa Miiro shows off his medical certificate

Miiro says he got worried of his life, of what he would do after leaving the Hospital because he has been left helpless even the motorcycle he has been riding was taken off from him and with nothing to eat.

On his return home after a successful treatment, Miiro hoped for a jubilant reception and reintegration into the community, but he only received stigma and cold shoulders.

Fortunately he had been able to move his family to his home village in Nakaseke earlier in March before things had gone south. He foresaw that life was bound to be unusual since the emergence of the Corona Virus in Uganda.

What Mama Fiina says

Sophia Namutebi alias Maama Fiina

Maama Fiina also promised to donate free Bodaboda motorcycle to Musa after this pandemic ,She physically stepped at Musa’s home of residence which she had that Musa was allegedly living in fear of being thrown away with his properties for failing to pay rent for over 3 months.

Mama Fiina however, is requesting the Ministry of Health to make a follow up and provide support to the discharged patients in order to avoid them from being stigmatized despite the fact that they are requested to stay in self quarantine for another 14days.

“I also request the government to honestly allow me thankfully donate to the health workers who have done a tremendous job in curbing the spread of the deadly virus.” Mama Fiina emphasizes. She says in partnership with the UNBS, will be able to donate the necessities inform of food and accommodations to the abandoned health workers who also help in particular.

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