COVID-19: Ugandan battling Kidney Ailments reunited with family

After spending nearly two months in the hospital and several days on dialysis battling severe Kidney failure away in Dubai, 25-year-old Brian Male was returned home for further treatment.

Male was working for a construction firm in the outskirts of Dubai, UAE before the world went into lockdown following the COVID-19 outbreak.

He recalls being healthy and enjoying a normal life a while ago until signs and symptoms kicked in; and he decided to take tests until he was told that his Kidneys would no longer sustain him at only 5%.

Brian Male seats in an ambulance before being taken to the hospital

He was immediately subjected to a series of treatments and hospitalized since; his mother, family members, friends, and well-wishers have been instrumental in footing the weekly medical bills to ensure that he could get dialysis and also secure his return.

“I am delighted to see him back home, we have to do everything to have him back on his feet….We have been able to find a donor, but we need over UGX 160 million” Gertrude Busulwa(Male’s mother) says

The family appeals to the general public to help them fundraise money to send him to India for the kidney transplant.

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