COVID-19: The slumbering Ministry for Disaster Preparedness

By Jackson Lule Kiggundu

Since time immemorial Uganda has always flanked immensely at addressing disasters however immediate, be it mudslides in the East or floods in the west.

I hope we all recall when the buzz across the nation streamed from an island that was on a rampage across the Nile, sadly it hadn’t be foreseen by a pool of specialists under the said ministry.

How terrible in a sovereign state that has a dedicated ministry of fellows that solely get appointed to handle such catastrophic events or natural calamities, that are meant to handle them before they happen.

It sends you thinking if the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness and Management, is meant to handle disasters after they occur only, and not meant to detect them and evacuate the citizens prior to these national horrors.

It’s quite puzzling, that even the corona virus pandemic is continuing to loom large, with the affected nationals receiving no relief whatsoever from this ministry.

The confrontation of the pandemic has been left to the Ministry of health and to the few Ugandans that do really care.

It leaves you wondering whether this is a disaster or just a normal event, with nearly a million of human lives lost globally and many affected by the terrible disease.

Until a few Months back when the Minister for Disaster Preparedness and Management announced that over 200 refugee NGOs were yet to close due to failure to validate their operational requirements.

At least he said something, Hilary Onek had spoken, but we still hope that there is a plan to help the economy recover and the starving common men escape the trenches and traps of death.

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