COVID-19: Schools, religious institutions and Bars to open in the next phase of easing the lockdown

The President is expected to open schools, places of worship and bars and events in the next phase of easing of the partial lock down owing to the corona virus pandemic in Uganda.

Education institutions were closed on March 20 to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. While other businesses have been allowed to resume, education and religious institutions remain closed.

According to several hints provided by Minister of state for Higher Education Dr JC Muyingo earlier in August this year, when he indicated that experts were making assessments on the feasibility of the move to permit schools a reopen.

An inside source has told Entebbe Post that a meeting has been called by the President to indulge the cabinet and experts to see a way of fostering the plan and SOPs for schools, religious institutions and bars to resume operation.

But a lot of caution will be taken, and considering the increase in community infections and as well deaths in the country may prevent the move to reopen.

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