COVID-19: Nakiwogo market Temporarily Closed

By Asingura Harriet.

Nakiwogo is one of the major landing sites in Entebbe municipality; this landing site handles a huge number of commuter boats, fishermen and a docking point for MV Kalangala. Nakiwogo acts a link between the main land and Islands such as  Bugala, Bubeke and Bufumira.

Nakiwogo is a major market that serves an estimated population of 10,000 people, with over 500 vendors and transporters benefitting from the market. The Vendors mainly deal in agro-produce.

Some of the sections ofthe market affected by the rising water levels.
photo by GSA

Vendors in Nakiwogo market have been greatly affected by the temporary close of market business.  Kayondo Joseph, a vendor at Nakiwogo is worried about the abrupt closure of the market yet he had just restocked perishable commodities and he may fail to support his family since he’s daily earner.

Kayondo Joseph,a market vendor
photo by GSA

The affected include transporters, local folk and islanders that rely on the market business to sell their produce, feed their families and as well earn a living. They are afraid that without the market they are bound to experience a hunger outbreak.

What the Leaders say:

L3 Councilor Tadeo Kibirige stresses that closing the market is precautionary to protect the vendors from the deadly virus. He hopes that they can effectively work in shifts and as well foster distancing. However he understands the fact that Nakiwogo Market employs a big number of locals and they will be surely affected through this period.

Councilor Tadeo Kibirige
photo by GSA

According to Entebbe RDC Hajji Noor Njuki Mbabali, reckons that vendors risk trouble if they don’t follow the presidential directives.  At several occasions the Market leadership has been urged to implement social distancing and also reduce on the number of vendors in the market but in vain.

RDC Hajji Noor Njuki Mbabali
photo by GSA

Several other markets have received a warning to halt business if they fail to follow the directives religiously. These markets include Abaita Ababiri Market, Central Market, Kigungu Market, Kitooro Market and others.

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