Covid-19 Impacting Economy Negatively

by Lawrence Mushabe & Moses Sentamu

While Government is taking action to curb the spread of the virus, including the suspension of the business, aviation and passenger movements ,schools ,sports, and all events

The economic impacts of the Nobel virus pandemic are increasingly hitting low and middle income earners. It is believed that over 75% of Ugandans are already operating under the poverty line due to the fact that economic existence is predicated on the daily customer flow.

The biggest number of Ugandans are now rendered unemployed thus have resorted to keep home which has recorded a massive decline in business and stock values according to local economists.

Tourism, International travel restrictions and the partial closure of businesses and industries in the country have led to a collapse in global travel and are expected to reduce the flows of forex.

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During this pandemic error, Agriculture remains the back bone of the country and its people; of recent the President insisted to stop the truck drivers from bringing goods from neighbours Tanzania and Kenya that are largely affected by the COVID 19 inside the country arguing that no way the Country can run without depending on the taxes earned from the goods imported.

If the spread of the virus persists, the economy shutdown is expected to be iminent.

What the Locals say:

Our team on set

Our reporters were able to interact with Night Annet a resident of Bunono in Katabi Entebbe a mother of 5. Before the lockdown her husband worked in the transport industry as Matatu conductor as Annet owns a small grocery stall near by her residence.

She used to shop and add on her stack so as to feed the children,pay Bill’s and other necessary services with the help of the husband. Who left 7,000shs per day( Kameza). Since goods such as matooke , tomatoes, onions and other home used stuffs were on a high demand.  

At the moment the statuion has changed since her husband no longer works, everything is under her care, she is required to move long distances to get stock and yet customers are also minimal causing her losses

In this case she  even borrowed a loan to support her business but still it’s all taken up in home basics, yet she is required to service this loan but posed to a dilemma to support her family.

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