Covid 19 has increased domestic violence in marriages

The country director Family Impact Ms Connie Namono Luwangwa has said the Covid 19 pandemic has increased domestic violence in families due to couples spending more time together which was not in the past

“There have been conflicts, there have been a lot of domestic violence case some of which have led to death, by the time of doing the research in the last week of July, there had been a lot of child abuse, incest and a lot a lot of mess in families” she said.

Ms Luwangwa made the remarks during the launch of a survey report on the effects of Covid 19 on family life and relationships, focusing on marriage and parenting relationships over the weekend in Kajjansi Wakiso district.

“Many of the parents were never parented themselves, they grew up in boarding schools, the communication gap between parent to child, husband to wife and finances were a big player in the escalation of conflicts in families especially for men who earn money on a daily basis, since there were needs to be met” she said.

Ms Luwangwa said the survey that ran through July and August this year during the height of domestic violence after Uganda police recorded over 3,000 cases in a fortnight of which eight were fatal was conducted via social media by Family impact, an inter domination Christian organisation.

“Our target was for couples that leave early in the morning and come back in the evening   and were not able to do so in that period and children who were in boarding school now staying home, so there is need to build communication. There should be intention to stick together with all the energy targeted targeted amidst staying together amidst disagreements. If the family is broken so is the society, church and the ministry of the church” she said.

The deputy director bank of Uganda and president of mothers union Ms Ruth Senyonyi said there has been a lot of violence going on in families resulting from couples trying to adapt being close to each other which was not in the past since they were working on a daily basis.

“Couples need to take time and get taught on how to handle marriage issues as early as possible to enable them deal with any misunderstandings that may arise up later in marriage. Many people begin marriage without a plan, couples should not get tired of their partners” she said.

“Ms Senyonyi said there is need to build a communication between couples which can enable relationships and families last.

“”When people only communicate functionally or through children and the partners can not talk, the marriage will not work out” she said.

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