COVID-19: Aiport, worship places and schools cleared to open

The National COVID-19 Task force has made recommendations to open Entebbe International Airport, schools and religious institutions in the next series of easing the lockdown.

The Airport is set to reopen fully all operations with immediate effect but there is a catch, it will require government about UGX 150 Billion to achieve the strict guidelines and SOPs that come with the move.

In the special case of schools, universities and learning institutes, they will only be open for Candidates and finalists since the epidemiologists and experts maintain that its not yet safe for big numbers.

Following the decision, the ministries of Education and Health are tasked to delve into into the matter critically to produce clear recommendations.

Worship places will be open but the number of congregates has to see a drop in order to ensure that physical distance rule and other guidelines met.

Sources who attended the meeting on Monday said the proposals were sent to President Museveni for final consideration and approval.

On Saturday, President Museveni directed the taskforce to discuss reopening of schools across the country in a phased manner starting with candidate classes.

He also directed the taskforce to consider reopening of other sectors that have been closed since the lockdown in March such as places of worship, bars, weekly markets, tourism and the airport.

A source, who attended the taskforce meeting on Monday, said they came up with nine recommendations to the President.

The taskforce recommended that Entebbe airport and borders should reopen on October 1.

The taskforce said Covid regulations should be strictly enforced in Kampala with penalties, which include community work and fines to those who defy the guidelines.

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