Countrymen and women in fear as they Anticipate further Lockdown

By Priscilla Atwiine

The Nation’s would have been celebratory mood for completing the 21days of the partial lockdown seems to be clouded by anticipation of a further lockdown after Senior Presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama confirmed that President Museveni will talk to the Bazukulu.

The Idea of a fresh Lockdown is drawn from what the Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng indicated in her Covid-19 Accountability speech.

Hon. Aceng stated that Uganda is now under stage 3 which is curtailed by minimal community infections and more of imported cases. And she shared her fears that if such negligence and reckless behavior continues the country may suffer stage 4 which is defined by skyrocketing new cases.

A few Ugandans are already raging and protesting a fresh lockdown on Twitter saying that there souls are already tired, and other platforms are already tired. With a few others that do not mind the outcomes.

According to Mr. Abubaker Walusimbi, one of those hoping to occupy the Entebbe Municipality Member of Parliament seat, he is confident that there will be no lockdown.

Mr. Abubaker Walusimbi

Uganda’s problems are not unique to the region, now that the President has partially lifted the lockdown,he can not overturn his decision to let people back in, he [Museveni] should be looking at freeing business because the people are suffering terribly.

Abubaker Walusimbi

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