Chinese national strangled with workers, robbed millions in Kyambogo

The police are on the hunt for four thieves (three men and one woman) who strangled three people including a Chinese national and his two domestic workers to unconsciousness before robbing the home of more than UGX 80 million disguised as National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) employees.

The Kampala metropolitan deputy police spokesperson Luke Oweyesigire said CCTV video grab footage shows the thieves, grabbing the Chinese national by the neck before robbing money from his residence on lower Estate Endinburg Avenue kyambogo, in Kampala on 31st of March.

 “Four people (three gentle men & a lady) dressed in attire of NWSC knocked at the door pretending to be workers of NWSC, upon entering, the assailants held the cook who was at home captive, tied him up as they executed the Robbery mission” he said.

Owesigiriye said the thieves made off with over shs 85 million and $4,500 dollars from a safe they broke into after taking hostage, the homeowner, a home cook and a maid who they tied up as they robbed money from the house.

 In a CCTV video grab, the thieves, who are putting on helmets to avoid being captured by CCTV are seen pretending to be checking a water meter as the owner of the residence, a Chinese national, showed them around. Later on, one of them grabs the Chinese by the neck and attempts to strangle him.

Click below for CCTV footage of the robbery×352/DI7TfkntWuSTpeaG.mp4?tag=12

“We are still hunting for these men and woman with the help of the CCTV footages recovered from the scene and surrounding areas” he said.

In a statement released to the public, Samuel Apedel, the NWSC publicist warned the public to be vigilante of criminals who are taking advantage of loopholes to carry out crimes.

He urged the public to always ask people who present themselves as workers of NWSC to show them their ID’s and name.

“If you look at your water bill, there is a name and number of your customer relationship officer. Call that number and ask them if they know the person who has come to your place. Also take time to know the name and number of your area branch manager. If you are not sure call them” he said.

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