Busiro South MP Seat on High Demand as Candidates crowd List

You will know them by their fruits.

Mathew 7:16

Winning an election takes a lot of zeal and careful preparation before you step up to declare interest.

A strong Political campaign strategy is very key to fostering success on Election Day.

In a crowded political arena like Busiro South, cutting through the noise seems quite impossible. It requires employing good research and desicive judgement.

But, some of the steps aforementioned have eluded the brains of some aspirants that they have rather just stepped ahead to represent Busiro south innocently.

Looking critically into what has been done in the past four years being minimal compared to what was expected from Celebrity Member of Parliament, Peter Ssematimba, it calls for the need to look at all those seeking his office to abate a similar fate.

Sematimba has returned conveniently with the same old gospel of scholarships and special Interest group ideas, just like in 2016.

The problem is that, the ideas and plans he has for Busiro have basically become friendly verbatim or simply on paper and lack material to benefit the electorate.

Sematimba may have used wrong avenues to establish himself as a deserving Legislator or he has been busy doing completely different things.

He will face some serious competition from more vibrant members of his party in the primaries; given that Katabi’s very own Ronald Ssenyondwa has presented himself, Charles Lwanga and Titus Kiwanuka are also seeking the party’s blessing in the Busiro Polls.

Ronald Ssenyondwa has been a serial Lobbyist for Rotary Club, and unsurprisingly he would be instrumental in influencing growth of an area such as Busiro South through tourism and checking the Unemployment question.

Charles Lwanga is however known for love of Sport and a man that has made a fortune through business, and he has been organising several events, compared to Titus Kiwanuka who has been in hiding since he declared interest.

Moving to the Democratic Party, Simon Njagala has decide to go into recess and hopes to return in 2026 perhaps and Ssekigozi leaning and serenading Bobi wine’s National Unity Platform leaves them with no strong Candidate to win Busiro South back for them.

Nobert Mao maybe handing NRM a smooth run, for they have blessed a new comer into the race, a one Simon Peter Kiwesi.

National Unity Platform still in airtight confusion to come up with a choice from the likes of Ndawula, Matovu, and kaggimu who maybe beaten to the NUP ticket by Ssekigozi.

With the likes of Businessman Owor Paul and Kikomeko Saul who are independent but hope to make it to the Ballot paper.

Many numbers may still crop up for the race, but it will take organisation, and the NRM may capitalise on the ruins of their counterparts if they send in the right candidate.

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