Busiro South: Is NRM’s Ssenyondwa going independent?, as Lwanga and Sematimba continue fight

Earlier this week, Social Media has been steaming with a fresh new poster of NRM and Rotary’s Ronald Ssenyondwa without the party logo. This has caused speculation that he may be mooting to con test as an independent candidate after the NRM primaries wen south.

A number of constituencies never had anything near to a free and fair vote during the just concluded National Resistance Movement (NRM) primary elections, with some going down with violence and others needing rocket science to account for the manufactured results and others suffering delays as the declaration of winners is suffocated by numerous petitions.

The story in the Busiro South consitituency is no different, incumbent Simon Peter Sematimba is being pinned for doctoring results by the other contenders Charles Lwanga and Ronald Ssenyondwa and lodged their complaints through the party electoral office in Wakiso.

It is now two weeks gone, and the party doesn’t seem near to a declaration of results or coming up with a verdict on the Busiro South situation. The stalling is maybe intended to frustrate Lwanga and Ssenyondwa into giving up on the fight. This has bred a new rift between the party, with one of the factions threatening to go independent and another opting to join Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform.

Sources close to Ssenyondwa confirmed to Entebbe Post that the decision has been made, and the course is set for the Rotarian, and he has been on several occasions continued to rally his camp to vote for reasonable leaders through the party.

For Sematimba’s result doctoring antics don’t really match his stature, they have shone a light on the weakness in his election rigging team, they cared to leave behind multiple traces in all their production of result declaration forms across Busiro.  https://entebbepost.com/nrm-primaries-katabi-registrar-kivumbi-on-the-spot-for-manufacturing-results/

The Irregularities in the Polls:

  1. Several returning officers failed to submit declaration forms on time, its alleged that they were collected and reproduced with contrary results to the originals from the polling stations. To make matters worse, a certain returning officer in Bugabo was aboard the same boat with a candidate and were able to execute several changes on result forms.
  2. According to preliminary counts in Nalugala ward indicate that Ronald Ssenyondwa had floored Lwanga and Sematimba, and he was able to get a fair share of votes across Kasanje-281 and Busi-222, but the doctored results show only 440 votes in the entire constituency. And Lwanga coming out on top in Katabi, but results were magically changed to favor Sematimba.
  3. Sematimba has results and declaration form from areas where the voting didn’t happen, how on earth did they even secure these results.
  4. Returning officers in Bugabo and Bulega, one Kawooya and Mande respectively failed to produce Declaration forms between midday and 6pm, yet voting was held at 11 am on the 4th.
  5. There are contradicting results that indicate Sematimba had clinched landslides in some areas with a 569 and 700 total at polling stations that didn’t even register a turn up of even a mere 200 voters.

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