Businessman Kirumira embroiled in another land dispute

By Sulah Kagugube

City Businessman Godfrey kirumira is yet again embroiled in a land dispute with Entebbe Business man Francis Angol over failure to compensate the latter Shs 600 million in damages of his property caused by Kirumira on a disputed piece of land.

Kirumira the chairman of Bagagga Kwagalana group is said to have directed a group of unknown people who razed down a four bed roomed house, banana plantations, coffee plantations and pine plantations on the over 10 acre piece of land situated in Jungo Kasanje town council last year.

The Complainant Mr Francis Angol who is seeking Shs 600 million in compesation for damages from Godfrey Kirumira. Photo by Sulah Kagugube.

In an interview with Entebbe Post Mr Francis Angol said Kirumira has failed to pays the Shs 600 million after he accepted to compensate for the damages he caused and only offering to pay Shs 140 million which Angol disagrees with in the matter which is before Hon. Justice Christopher Madrama in the Kampala Civil Court.

Angol said court called the two parties to negotiate between them on the compensation since last year with no conclusion reached to date.

Angol said he bought the land from the original owner Julius Bitatule in 2008 in the presence of area chairperson Mr Christopher Mubiru who later turned against him.

Mr Julius Bitatule the original Land owner. Photo by Sulah Kagugube

Bitatule said a one Moses Mayengo who he owed money stole his land title from a property agent who operates along Dewinton road in Kampala when he had travelled to the village.

“By that time, I didn’t have a mobile phone but when I came back, I contacted my lawyer and a search was conducted which unearthed Mayengo who had transferred my title into his names, my lawyer filed up the case in court”, Bitatule said.

Moses Mayengo who is said to have stolen the land title from Bitatule. Photo by Sulah kagugube

Bitatule said Mayengo signed a consent form to return the title to Bitatule’s names upon receiving money which Bitatule owed him something Mayengo never fulfilled, instead sold the land to Kirumira who is now embroiled in disputes with Angol. 

However contrary to Bitatule’s recount, Mayengo said he bought land from Bitatule in 1997 with no bon fide occupant on the land only trees and forest.

“In 2001, I sold the land to Godfery Kirumira who started complaining of enchroachers on the land yet his mother wanted to develop it. I still demand Bitatule whose cheques keep bouncing and only sympathized with him after he lost his wife” Mayengo said.

Businessman Godfrey Kirumira (L) explains himself before Wakiso RDC Ms Rose Kirabira (R) during a meeting at the scene last year. Photo by Sulah Kagugube

During a general meeting held last year by Wakiso RDC Rose Kirabira on the disputed piece of land Kirumira boasted of purchasing a lot of land to the extent of forgetting some land like the disputed Jungo kasanje plot.

“I cannot come from nowhere and claim for this land, Mr. Mayengo came and told me that he is selling his land to get capital to invest in his oil business. It was not until I sent my daughter Brendah Kirunira to assess the nature of the land who informed me that the land had already been occupied by people” he said.

Kirumira said it was then that he ordered the area chairperson to tell the people to remove their property and vacate the land.

Part of the house that was destroyed by Kirumira’s men on his orders. Photo by Sulah Kagugube.

 “I was alerted that a complainant (Angol) had started using police to safeguard the land and realized that he (Angol) was becoming a threat, that’s why we also had to apply excessive force to chase them away from my land” Kirumira said.

Angol who disagrees with Shs 140 million as compensation from Kirumira for the damages and property destroyed insisting on Shs 600 million wants Kirumira to vacate his land after compensation.

Mr Francis Angol (L) with police inspects what remained of part of his banana, coffee and pine tree plantations last year after they were cut down. photo by Sulah kagugube

“Kirumira should deal with Mayengo and sort out their issues since Mayengo signed a consent to transfer the land title back to Bitatule’s name”, Angol added.

Businessman Kirumira is not new to being involved in land wrangles with recently being involved in a land ownership brawl at International Hotel in Muyenga with deputy coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), Lt. Gen. Charles Angina that brought him trouble, including the infamous army beatings from UPDF soldiers attached to the army boss.

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