Buchaman surrenders military uniform to Police

Singer also Presidential envoy to the ghetto Mark Bugembe commonly referred to as Buchaman has handed over all police and military look-alike uniforms to Uganda Police Force.

Speaking at his residence in Makindye Luwafu on Tuesday, Buchaman said he received ‘orders from above’ to handover anything which looked like a military or police uniform and, being the self-appointed ghetto president, he took it upon himself to ask the ghetto people to bring forth all the uniforms.

“I have invited the police, which have been represented by James Ruhweza, the Katwe Regional Police Commander (RPC), to receive all the uniforms.” He says.

Buchaman called upon all ghetto residents still in possession of the uniforms, to hand them over to the nearest police stations or desist from wearing them.

Buchaman’s move follows last week’s raid on National Unity Platform (NUP) headquarters where the party supporters were arrested for illegally using patented armed force uniform designs and their replicas.

On Monday, Uganda Police Force Spokesperson Fred Enanga has revealed that a number of celebrities have offered to surrender all the illegal attire pieces in their possession.

“These celebrities are commonly known and they have offered to collect these attires from their fellow musicians so that they can hand them over to police by the end of this week,” he says.

He added that, “as we expand these operations upcountry, we call upon whoever is in possession of any attire that is similar to the ones we confiscated to please hand them over to the nearest police station.”

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