Brovad assembles Marine Vessel to boost Kalangala tourism

Kalangala district is yet to open it’s vast tourism potential to the world after acquiring a new Marine Vessel MV Brovad.

Owned by Rashid Kiyimba, the proprietor of Brovad Sands Lodge in the Ssese Islands, the 70 seater Marine Vessel will transport tourists to and from the different destinations in the island district.

The district boasts of several tourism sites including the bird sanctuary at Nsirwe island, the Sippi like Nanziri water falls on Bukasa islands, rocky like destinations at the furthest Nkese Island among others.

The island, also good for hopping is also rich with culture with great caves on Nkose island, shrines like the Wanema Shrine in Kitinda, Bukasa Island and great forest and nature Walks.

The district has been relying on MV Kalangala, MV Ssese, MV Pearl, MV Vanessa and MV Natalie which also transport people and cargo to the main island Bugala.

“Other islands have always been left out, with rich potential unexploited,” says Robert Ssebalamu, the Vice Chairperson of the Ssese Islands Tourism Development Association.

It also remained expensive for people to hire private boats to go visit thee different tourism destinations on the different islands.

With the new MV Brovad, tourists will have unlimited movement to places such as the Virgin Island – Ssemuganja and other fascinating places such as the white sand beaches in Mulabana and the Funve adorable serene facility.

Rogers Munaawa, the Chairperson of the Ssese Islands Tourism Development Association says this will boost the number of people getting to the islands and in turn improve revenue generations for beach owners and the District.

The Vessel will now be launched after a series of engagements with different tourism and Ministry of works and Transport Partners for free movement and tourism.

“We are dedicated to serve and boost Kalangala tourism,”Rashid Kiyimba, the owner of the new Marine Vessel says.

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