Banga Bay Beach Resort: the new hub for retreating, eco-tourism

To come out on top of a great pyramid of sheer innovative power, is a tremendous achievement. And so is the case in eco-tourism.

Places outside are ruled by men; Banga Bay Beach Resort is an inland destination ruled by nature. Scattered across all seven seas, across the islands and archipelagos.

One of the most interesting of all, lies about 10 nautical miles East of the Munyonyo upscale residence, at the center of the Mpatta Lake Victoria shoreline.

The only ways to get there is through high-tech marine boats and through the Mukono – Ntenjeru road stretch, eastwards of the Mukono District headquarters. “It’s only 20 minutes of sailing from the Mulungu pier, it definitely feels like a long day from anywhere!”

Banga is an inhabited place. With hospitable dwellers, great green surrounding and a palatial residence. The lake brings fascinating memories of a great shoreline paradise, with the earth’s mental.

But what is life really like here, in Uganda’s more serene environment? The best way to answer this is speaking to Godfrey Magumba, a doctor who sought pleasure in the beautiful surrounding seven years ago.

“In 2014, my daughter Lindah Namutamba, after a discussion on investment asked me to help her look for land. After trials in Luwero and Buikwe, my heart drew nearer to the lake. As I moved further, my love for nature drove me to Banga, and that’s where I settled,” Magumba says.

At that time, the place was rough and without access routes, the water was amassed by a swamp and a landing site. “No serious person, at that time would live his home in Munyonyo and choose a settlement in a bushy area but water drove me further,” he adds.

The place, overtime kept improving, Magumba, his family dedicating most of the time to improving the scrubs into a preferred destination.

Smiling while sitting just above the Potomac, the shadows of the great foundation of trees planted in the high inception times of the Beach Resort is where Magumba recollects the great deed in service offered at Banga Bay Beach Resort.

Flora and Fauna

Humanity appreciates beauty. For anytime you jet into the gates of Banga Bay Beach Resort, you appreciate the flora, the fauna and ambience within which you choose experiences for a romantically filled fun.

Epic photography is what you can expect as a visiting couple.

The camp site

In the camp site, there is life on every branch, and a spot on every tree trunk. And look around, It’s a world of nature.  Birds and shelter with a clear view of the water mass, a beautiful experience living in nature.

The food

Have you ever gone out to retreat, given chance to prepare own meals? Using a rather advanced kitchen creates life as one makes a meal. The resort has a world class chef, trained to handle food types and delicacies to suit each guest’s interests.

Godfrey Magumba, the resort owner talks about the banana’s, a delicacy in the central region and several parts of the country. “We decide to move around the surroundings. And of course, there is a starting point,” he says.

Fish is the best delicacy for any tourist! It must be tasty, roasted or fired. For this is the destination to find a delicious piece.

Roasted chicken, fries and a bottle of mineral water is tasty of a Saturday evening. The place is filled with natural foods in gardens. “You can pick out anything from the garden, milk a cow and go prepare any kind of breakfast on your own.” Richardo Kisitu one of the visitors recounted.

The Lake and the Sand beaches

Island and beach hopping and retreating comes with great sceneries, potential refreshments fascinating activities. The lake shores and a docking and proposing spot, in the middle of the lake along and in the water is an experience to remember.

“In fact this is where I should propose from,” one of the visitors at the resort says.

 The Birds and Animals

The ducks, geese among other bird species create an opportunity for education to touring urban children who never get experience to view, learn and understand the metamorphosis of bird evolution.

The water ducks swimming on the lake and other bird sights and sounds within the camp site are great to experience.

At the bar

Liquor and alcohol are always refreshing after great experiences. At the bar, you will be served with great customer care and affordability for anyone who seeks to have night fun at a camp fire. At the camp fire, sounds of fishermen hitting hard in the lake to pick fish and sounds from the different insect species introduce you to a night of a thousand memories, meeting eco-tourism.

Indeed, once considered distant and mysterious, Banga is a place now bursting with potential in tourism, adventure, love farming and education any urban person seeks to exploit.

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