Auditor General queries CAA’s payment of salaries to non staff

The Auditor General has queried the payment of more than Ugx. 107 million to several former staff of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority – CAA.

The queries were presented in the just released 2022 Auditor General’s report presented before Parliament of Uganda.

The Auditor General noted that, “The Authority made irregular Payment of salary to former staff of UGX. 107, 788, 492.” This according to the Auditor General raises questions in the management of the finances of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority.

The Authority manages and regulates air transport in the country, including the management of airports, aerodromes and airstrips.

The Authority according the Auditor General also made loses of more than Ugx 37 billion while several other procured items and systems did not follow the necessary procedure.

“The Authority has failed to implement a Cargo Handling IT System to track revenues from Cargo. A review of ICT activities implemented revealed that a total of six (6) IT systems procured of UGX.5.54Bn were not cleared by NITA-U and a total of eight (8) systems were not integrated to share information with other systems. This can result in inefficiencies.” The Auditor General reported.

However, other financial losses made by the Authority were according to the Auditor General blamed on the recent Covid pandemic which led to a reduction in the number of people using the airport for such air transport activities.

“I carried out financial analysis of financial information and noted that the Authority has continuously made losses for the previous two years.”

Also, 2 pieces of land measuring approximately 23.913 hectares in Entebbe had encumbrances of approximately 8.92 hectares in the form of encroachment by the local population. Out of 36 pieces of land measuring approximately 1662.94 hectares the Authority held, 18 pieces of land measuring approximately 496.184 hectares (30%) did not have land titles.

The Aviation body has since last year been amassed with scandals including bribery and forgery accusations of the top most leadership of the organization.

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