Army FPU vows to crush People Power Candidates in Kalangala

The Fisheries Protection Unit has vowed to crush all residents and candidates pursuing victory of any such candidates in the forth coming elections.

The soldiers who spoke to People Power Supporters at the Mwena detach in Kalangala town were determined on violating the UPDF act so as to ensure victory of the NRM candidates in Kalangala.

“They told us, they are supposed to secure victory for the ruling party and such is one of their roles away from fighting illegal fishing,” says one of the candidates who doesn’t want to be named.

The Uganda People’s Defense Forces Act deters all officers under the Institution from engaging in Partisan Political affiliations.

During the 2016 elections, Uganda Radio Network, a News Agency in Uganda reported that soldiers stormed Kalangala District, beating up supporters opponents of NRM candidates. It was also reported, the soldiers gave out handouts to different people in pursuit for President Yoweri Museveni’s win.

The Uganda People’s Defense Forces Deputy Spokesperson Lt Col Deo Akiki, when contacted said the residents and candidates should report those intimidating them.

“For we do not engage in partisan politics.” He said.

The Fisheries Protection Unit has severally been accused of Rights violations of fishermen, burning landing sites and shooting some while executing their mandate.

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