Archbishop Ssemogerere, MP Nambooze grace Lusinga Martyr day celebrations

The woman Member of Parliament for Mpigi District Teddy Nambooze has re echoed the need to respect Human Rights as one of the cornerstones for a free country.

Nambooze was joining the Archbishop of Kampala, His Grace Paul Ssemogerere at the celebrations of Joseph Balikuddembe, a Uganda Martyr at Lusinga, Mpigi District.

Both Nambooze and Archbishop Ssemogerere conquered and urged Ugandans in Mpigi District to fight to uphold their responsibilities as government is also held accountable on the respect of Human Rights.

“As parents we you show some love, pray as we engage with God, for if we are to show the fruits and dividends of joining congregants at Lusinga in celebrating Joseph Balikuddembe, our reknown martyr,” says Archbishop Ssemogerere.

This was re echoed by Hon Teddy Nambooze who said; “Even in death, we still remember the good deeds of Joseph Balikuddembe, one a reason that we all celebrate his life today. So, we should all return home and raise our children decently to emulate Joseph Balikuddembe,” Nambooze says.

Nambooze also said, in part of her responsibility to protect life and family, she ensured that she joined fellow opposition MPs in Parliament to boycott plenary as they also demand for the whereabouts of several opposition supporters arrested and kidnapped allegedly, by the state.

“Parents should also take part in looking after their children instead of sending them to the different relatives who may lead them into inhumane behavior, thus introducing cases of defilement and reckless behavior,” she said.

Joseph Balikuddembe is one of the more than 23 Ugandan Martyrs who were murdered, allegedly on orders of Buganda King, then Kabaka Mwanga for disregarding his orders and following Christ.

He is celebrated in Lusinga, Kituntu Sub County in Mpigi District every year.

This year’s celebrations also focussed on rebuilding the chapel of God in the same Mitala Maria Parish.

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