Appalling state of Kitooro Police haunting Entebbe residents

Residents of Kitooro, in Entebbe Municipality are pleading with the Police and other municipal authorities to immediately relocate Kitooro Police to new premises to ensure safety and smooth operations of the institution.

Well as the municipal authorities awarded free space for police to execute duties on the newly constructed Kitooro market, the current state does not favors good working conditions.

“Officers are in a mess. They sleep like kittens yet the offices are in a deplorable state. We request that all leaders come together to ensure that Police in Kitooro can immediately be refurbished.” says Ibrahim Kasasa one of the residents.

Kitooro Police Station is mandated to operate in areas including Kiwafu Primary school, Entebbe Airport stage and borders the aviation police.

The station can however not hold suspects for long. Recently, the roof of the main police building was scrapped off by strong winds leaving documents and suspects bare.

A drive by residents in Kitooro and Nakiwogo early this year to mobilize funding to rejuvenate the state of the station suffered setbacks as a handful of the people within the area donated.

Police says, there are yet to get new premises where the Kitooro Police Station would be instituted.

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