Airport operators issue standard operating procedures as flights resume

By Lawrence Mushabe

Civil Aviation Industry has set the Standard Operating Procedures to be followed by the passengers and airport users, as Entebbe international Airport flights resume this Thursday, 1st October.

These guidelines follow a report from Ministry of Health which indicated that passengers will not be quarantined after landing at the airport. This in turn called for strict procedures to be implemented by every passenger and other airport users.

Government on March 23rd suspended flights suspended flights in and out of the country. This was among the many measures instituted to fight the spread of the novel Corona Virus. The Aviation sector has since suffered setbacks and losses.

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority has also cautioned the departing passengers and airport users to wear masks before accessing the Airport.

Also, the authorities cautioned the departing passengers to arrive at the airport four hours to check in to ensure the easiest way of carrying out health procedures.

Passengers are also cautioned to present authentic and valid Covid 19 polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test certificate issued five days before date of traveling.

On terminal points, the Civil Aviation Authority urged the returning Ugandans to maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters from each other, automatic sanitizing machines have been set to avoid touching of surfaces to maintain safety.

Returning Ugandans are also encouraged to use the self-service Immigration points to reduce physical contact and must possess authentic and valid Covid 19 polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test certificate issued five days before boarding.

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority manager for Public Affairs Mr. Vianney Luggya says, some of the standard operating procedures are domesticated from such guidelines put in place by the International Air Transport Association – IATA and the International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO in a bid to meet international aviation standards.

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