Aeronautical Engineers in Intensify Calls for Upgrade of Kajjansi Airfield Runway

Stakeholders in the aviation industry have intensified calls on private investors to engage in the construction and upgrade of Kajjansi airfield.  

The airfield is privately operated by Mission Aviation Fellowship, a Christian organization that flies light aircraft to several distant areas across the globe.  The organization also operates five light aircraft at the airfield, which is also used by the Uganda Police Force Aviation wing and the Kampala Executive aviation.  

The airfield also acts as a parking place for grounded aircraft and a base for commercial air transport activities for people moving within the country. It connects with other airfields including Kabale, Kasese, Mbarara, Soroti and Gulu.  

However, the runway of the airfield remains unpaved despite the airfield’s increasing traffic. Byran Lowson, an aeronautical engineer at Kajjansi airfield told journalists that there is need to upgrade the runway to suit the landing and takeoff off requirements for medium-sized aircraft. 

He says, currently if a medium-sized aircraft lands on the runway, it is bound to be stuck.

Cornelius Kodet Lorika, an entrepreneur operating Katurum and mount Moroto Lodges in Karamoja is optimistic that if upgraded, the airfield would transport tourists faster to and from different tourism destinations within the country.   

Kodet who owns a lighter aircraft parked at the airfield says the Aviation operators need to improve the facility runway as well as its security. 

The Civil Aviation Authority Public Affairs Manager Vianney Luggya last year said that whereas there is a need for an upgrade, the regulator cannot ask a private investor to improve on the quality of the runway without offering the resources.

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