About 2 million Ugandans set to benefit from Emyooga

By Lawrence Mushabe & Moses Ssentamu

More than 2 million Ugandans are set to benefit from the new government capitation funds program Emyooga, a report by the finance ministry to Parliament reveals.

The Emyooga programme design is based on the Presidential initiative on wealth and jobs creation that was first tabled before the Hon speaker, at the 26th sitting of the 1st meeting of the 5th session of the 10th parliament of Uganda held on Thursday, 6th august 2020.

However, this was established by H.E The president during his wealth creation tour (Aug-Sep 2019) and proposed to support the Uganda’s households who are still stuck at subsistence level through the common wealth programmes like youth livelihood programme and Operation Wealth Creation.

The Emyooga funds are set to go through constituency and parish levels country wide to Boda boda, Women entrepreneurs, carpenters, saloon operators, tax operators, persons with disabilities, restaurant owners among others.

Ministry of Finance has designated the micro finances support center like District EMYOOGA task forces at each District level country wide to spear head and conduct the funding programme.

Minister Kasaija added that inadequate facilitation to the district Emyooga task forces has constrained effective community mobilization; as well as parish groups and SACCO formation. The current budget allocation can also not support implementation of the programme in the 47 newly created constituencies.

The first beneficiaries of the capitation will receive up to Ugx 30 million per constituency, per Sacco as speed capital while the elected local leader’s constituency Saccos will receive Ugx 50 million, teachers private schools sacco will receive Ugx 60 million to catalyze the creation of revolving funds for on lending to members in each group.

Currently, several groups of people have registered different associations, groups and Saccos in a bid to have a take home package from the funds. An average of 40 groups has been registered in the different districts with the country.


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