About 1000 Contestants Seek People Power Blessing for Kampala Metropolitan LC 3 Slots

More than 1010 people from the Metropolitan Area of Kampala have picked nominations for Sub County chairperson elections on the People Power ticket, Entebbe Post has learnt.

The number by 4 pm on Wednesday was still surging as more people were applying to compete on the People Power Pressure group ticket.

Entebbe Post has also learnt that more than 310 people have picked nominations to compete in the different constituencies on the People Power ticket. Buganda region still dominates the number of people competing on the Pressure group ticket.

A source within the Pressure group however says, about 250 of the registered contestants can vividly run a campaign. Also about 320 people have picked nominations for the LC 5 chairpersons slot in the 148 Districts in the whole country.

220 people have picked forms to compete for Parliamentary seats on the special interest groups. Amongst these are 700 online applications. Only Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, the Principal of the Pressure group has declared interest in the Presidency on the People Power ticket.

“What will help us get the best candidate is a prudent nomination process,” a source who deserves the vail of anonymity told Entebbe Post.

The ever increasing number of people picking nominations for elective positions has remained worrisome to some of the NRM Party leaders who believe the pressure group with masses of the young people will leave many of the NRM candidates unable to win an election.

“In fact, some of our candidates are now contemplating picking part tickets on the different elective positions because they fear the ever increasing number of young people who continue to prove loyalty to the People Power Movement,” A senior NRM leader at the secretariat decried.

Joel Ssenyonyi the People Power Spokesperson when contacted to comment on the ever increasing number of contestants picking nominations asked for more time to comment on the matter.


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