Entebbe NRM Leaders torn between Rulinda and Mutebi ahead of Mayoral Primaries

They say being spoilt for choice is a good thing when making a decision, but for the case of Tycoon Fabrice Rulinda and Divison A Chairperson Micheal Mutebi Kabwama is a hard one.

The National Resistance Movement(NRM) leaders and other members have been torn into 2 factions ahead of the party mayoral flag bearer primaries on monday.

Both camps are proving to be on their A game and have done great mobilisation across the 24 villages within Entebbe, and this will stimulate a tight contest on monday.

The Duo will face off tomorrow with great backings from the places they were raised, with expectations of sweeping a big marginss there, Rulinda will be counting on the people of Bugonga and Mutebi hopes the domino pattern to his success will start from his home ground in Katabi.

Forget about the NRM Member of Parliament primaries that went on gently, violence is anticipated because Mutebi Kabwama’s camp has been known for putting up rowdy displays, with their latest showcase coming in the Youth Council polls.

Mutebi went beyond his mandate, when he crossed to Division B at a time when National Environment Management Authority-NEMA mooted to evict the people in Lugonjo who had settled in the Lake Victoria buffer zone, he controversially provided relief items.

However Rulinda is known for pulling huge crowds with the money, and it’s undeniable the ladies like him, In 2016 when he was running for Member of Parliament his camp was mainly constituted by women.

During the COVID-19 partial lockdown that started in March, Rulinda donated several relief items including 7 tonnes of maize flour which his rival Mutebi dismissed as “rotten and substandard.”

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