15 Signs that show He Enjoys Making love to you

It is important to know how your partner behaves with you in bed as it is a way of also knowing what you mean to him otherwise. If all his actions are about getting you in the bed till the next time you see or speak to him then it is obvious he is into the relationship just for sex! But if he is involved with his heart, mind and body and thinks about your needs too, he’s making love with you and not just having sex. Here are 15 signs to know if he enjoys making love to you for sure.

1. It shows in his eyes

The way he looks at you says a lot about how he feels about you. While having sex if he takes a short break just to look into your eyes with love and passion, he is into you and wants to capture the moment with you. You can feel his love for you in his eyes, and you will know that he is completely immersed in this act and enjoying making love to you. When a man locks his eyes into yours in the act of making love, it is a way of him reading your responses so that he can bring you even more pleasure. Be assured he is with you because of love.

If he tries to avoid eye contact, there could be two possibilities: he could either be feeling shy or awkward or it could be a sign that he is trying to avoid emotional attachment. See if he pauses just to have a glimpse of you in between, showing that he loves you but is feeling shy.

2. He will smother you with kisses

Everyone remembers their first kiss more than anything else. Those butterflies in the stomach multiply when you kiss the person you love. When he wants you, all of you, he will kiss you all over your body over and over again. He will smother you with kisses and that is a way of showing how that he cannot get enough of you. In the act of kissing, his desire for you becomes more obvious than anything. The way he kisses you will make you feel the intensity of his love for you.

3. He will be a giver

A man in love puts his partner’s desires as his priority, even when it comes to sex. He will arouse you and make you moan. He will indulge in foreplay and arouse your sensitive nerves, he will stimulate your erogenous zones. He will go down on you and ask you what you would enjoy. He will ask you whether he is going too fast or too slow. It will be as much about you as it is about him. His moans and involvement will tell you about how much he enjoys being with you and in your arms.

4. You both will have a lot to talk about

Making love isn’t just about sex. There are deep and meaningful conversations post the session. And in those intimate conversations, he will bear his soul to you, his fears and strengths, his dreams and desires, his past traumas and how he healed. Many hidden issues do come out during these conversations and go a long way in making the relationship stronger and even more beautiful. Some of them could be about you too. He will tell you things that he may have not told anyone before. The depth of these conversations will show how much you mean to him. He is not just fulfilling a physical need, but you are a part that makes him whole.

5. He will go slow

He will indulge more in foreplay to warm you up, he will ask about your sex fantasies and dreams. He will take the time to get you fully aroused, either by slow kissing or playing with your sensitive zones. He will make sure you are as ready as him before the final act and want it as much too. He will not rush anything. Your man, however, may have the issue of premature ejaculation and you can read about it here or seek help from our team of experts. Do remember that every time you have sex it need not be long and elaborate, sometimes he may be in the mood for a quickie and sometimes you can be.

6. He will take your name

Another way to ensure he likes it is by noticing little things such as the things he says while making love. By taking your name while having sex, your partner is showing that it is YOU, all over! You are the one that is giving him this pleasure and he enjoys making love to you in bed by whispering your name. Having hear your name during such intimate moments can be etched in the memory forever. Remember to speak out his name too and make him feel special.

7. He wants more of you

Men are usually done once they have reached the climax. Normally men turn on one side and go off to sleep, here it is important to remember that most probably it is the man who has done the most heavy- lifting and he is genuinely tired. But your man will take the time to show you how much he has enjoyed being with you before he does that. Even after he reaches his climax, he will pull you into him and shower you with affection. He will find ways to show you how happy he is with you even if for a few minutes. But if you have been in a long term relationship remember there are many other ways men show affection and care. One thing to remember is has he helped you climax?  Remember men who care about their women spend a lifetime exploring and learning the female sexual anatomy. That’s important. However, if he cannot for whatever reason here are ways you can give yourself a happy ending.

8. He will stay over

This is for couples who are not yet married or in a live-in situation. Many men just go their way after sex; it makes women feel very low about themselves. Kruti said, ‘It also seemed like now that what you wanted is done, you can’t even be in the same space that I am. It is almost humiliating’. And then she would start wondering if all he wanted from her was to satisfy his physical urge.

If he cares about you, he will stay over cause he knows how going away feels. Maybe the two of you can cook together or simply sip on wine and chat. Or perhaps even watch a show together. Or hug tightly and then sleep.

9. He gets emotional at times

These intimate moments are the time when many men share and express their deep-seated emotions, it is when their softer sides come out. All the complaints you may from him about being non-expressive can be quenched during love-making. In this slow, not goal-oriented session he may get emotional, in fact even over-emotional. He will use his erection towards romantic expression. Do not freak out if you see the side of his eyes brimming or you see a very different bare-all kind of expression in his eyes! His eyes and words will reflect all that he feels, maybe he will hide in your bosom and feel safe, maybe he will hug you closely to show that you will be safe with him. Intimacy will be as important for him as the act itself.

10. He shows his craving for you

He won’t care whether he comes across as desperate. He loves you, loves the act that the two of you share and he will not hesitate to show how much he craves for you both physically and emotionally. He can take the risk of being too available and vulnerable.

He will book a staycation in a five-star resort or he can do up his room in beautiful lights and aroma candles. He will serve you wine and canapes to show you how much he was looking forward to the session. Don’t be surprised if he buys a special satin bedspread or a silk robe for you to make love making more special.

11. He will try to experiment

When a man is confident of the woman her loves and sure about where he stands with her, he may ask her about her fantasies try and offers to explore that with her. Here is a list of the pros and cons of sexual fantasies in relationships. He will go to lengths to understand how to make her orgasm, in fact, have multiple orgasms and work towards that. His goal will be to satisfy her, this is his way of telling her that he wants the lovemaking between the two to be even richer and more fulfilling. Men want to experiment only when they enjoy making love with a particular person. He could experiment with sex toys or bondage.

12. He will call you after

One of the signs that he has loved being with you and really enjoyed the lovemaking session is when he makes plans to meet you again, maybe for a coffee or a meal. Just to hang out in a park or with your friends. If he calls you and talks about it, it means that you made a lasting impression on him and he can’t stop thinking about you. He loves you and enjoyed being intimate with you. Check out how his voice sounds while talking about it, is it affectionate?  Your answer lies there.

13. He will look happy and content

After having sex, once you both lie in bed next to each other, there will be a glow and a smile on his face. He won’t just turn to his side to go off to sleep which can be very annoying. He will look at you lovingly which is in a way saying that you are the person for him. Some men just hold hands after the act, some go and make a cup of tea for their woman.

Some even get a small gift. Something like a perfume or a lipstick you had been planning to buy, and he got it for you as a gesture to show his love.

14. He will make breakfast for you

Men love to make their woman happy if they are so. And most men know what women feel happy with the little things. Breakfast in bed is something they know that will make you happy. Check whether they have made your tea and coffee in the way you like it. If not appreciate his gesture and then casually tell him how you like your tea.

To make breakfast for you he could have ordered your favourite sausages and bacon online or got the blueberries that you love having. He could have actually done online grocery shopping keeping your faves in mind. How cute is that.

15. He says it – every time without fail

When a man loves what he has shared with you he will find ways to express it. He will message more, maybe send you a morning greeting, he may send you flowers, he may also buy you little things to make you feel special.

Every little gesture is his way of telling you that you have had an effect on him. You have to read the signs, that’s all. And if you are lucky enough to have one of those few men who express in words then you can be sure to be smothered by his expression of love. Remember it is easier for men to share this when they have had a drink or two. They feel less inhibited.

When you become physically intimate with the person you love, it is not just the body that is raw and naked, two people when in love open themselves to each other’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Respect his and be honest with yours and enjoy this beautiful union of not just two bodies but two souls.


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