10 Koreans Refuse COVID-19 Quarantine, Asked to go Back Home

10 Koreans who refused the COVID-19 self quarantine have been asked to go back home, Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Public Affairs Manager Vianney Luggya confirms.

The passengers who reached Entebbe International Airport on Friday morning aboard Rwanda Air, taken through the mandatory screening at the airport arrivals section.

They were later asked to go for a Corona Virus Quarantine currently done at Central Inn in Entebbe Municipality and they all refused.

“They have been politely requested to back home. Health officials first interacted with them, there was a quarantine issue which they didn’t want to undergo among many other issues. It was deemed better to return on the same flight,” Luggya says

Reports also indicate that several other people from different nationalities also returned to their respective countries, aboard the same flight.

On Thursday evening, a team of health officials led by the Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng met tourists and Ugandans who were returning from abroad but quarantined at Central inn close to Entebbe airport.

The quarantined passengers complained of exorbitant costs incurred while renting hotel rooms for more than 10 days. Each room reportedly costs USD 100 (About UGX 3650). Health Ministry Spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyona told Entebbe Post that the Ministry is outsourcing cheaper service providers in Entebbe for the quarantine.


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